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Post-bariatric Cosmetic Surgery with Natural-looking Results for Hopkinsville and Surrounding Areas

Individuals who have lost drastic amounts of weight after a pregnancy or through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery may find that excess, loose skin makes it hard to fit into the smaller-sized clothes they wish to wear. This unsightly sagging skin can also contribute to feelings of embarrassment or lowered self confidence. However, at the Western Kentucky Institute of Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to helping patients enhance their natural beauty. Our highly esteemed cosmetic surgeon, George Valentini, has undergone intensive training in the most advanced body contouring procedures under the direction of some of the most prominent doctors in the field. As a result, he is among the most adept surgeons at helping weight loss patients achieve the slimmer, more sculpted bodies they desire. He provides the latest cosmetic surgery solutions to weight loss patients from Hopkinsville, Fort Campbell, and nearby areas, including panniculectomy, arm lift, and thigh lift surgery. Our body contouring procedures can be combined with facelift, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, butt lift surgery, or other surgical treatments to achieve the ultimate body makeover.


Individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery may find that the excess skin and fat left in the midsection after the operation can make it difficult to wear smaller-sized clothing. This sagging area, called the pannus or "apron," can also contribute to hygiene issues, back pain, and other health concerns, as well as problems with performing normal daily activities. However, the pannus can be removed during a panniculectomy procedure.  Panniculectomy is a cosmetic surgery procedure offered at our Hopkinsville practice that removes the overhanging skin from the lower torso, leaving the patient with a slimmer and more sculpted abdominal appearance. During the panniculectomy procedure, incisions are made across the abdomen and excess skin is trimmed away. Liposuction techniques are also used to eliminate excess fat in the area. The remaining skin is then pulled taut, tightened, and sutured together. The entire procedure takes approximately five hours to complete. Patients who undergo panniculectomy surgery are able to fully enjoy wearing smaller clothing and the other benefits that result from weight loss.

Cosmetic Arm Lift Surgery

Individuals with loose, sagging skin on their arms that has lost its elasticity can undergo cosmetic arm lift surgery at our Hopkinsville practice. Cosmetic arm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the upper arms to sculpt a leaner appearance. During the procedure, incisions are created in strategic areas to reduce the amount of scarring that will be visible after the procedure. Liposuction is used to eliminate unwanted fat in the upper arms. Next, excess sagging skin is trimmed away and the remaining skin is pulled taut and sutured closed. The result is a slimmer arm contour. Patients who undergo arm lift surgery are generally pleased with their new ability to wear tighter clothes or raise their hands in public without embarrassment.

Cosmetic Thigh Lift Surgery

Our practice also offers cosmetic thigh lift surgery to patients from Hopkinsville and nearby areas who wish to have slimmer leg contours.  Thigh lift surgery is an effective procedure that eliminates excess skin and fat on the thighs, producing a more toned appearance. During the thigh lift procedure, incisions are created in concealed areas of the upper thigh. Creating incisions in these areas helps to make the scarring less visible after surgery. Next, liposuction is used to remove fat and excess skin is trimmed away. The incisions are then closed with fine sutures. Thigh lift surgery results in a firmer and more youthful lower body appearance.

Interested in Cosmetic Surgery after Dramatic Weight Loss?

Dr. Valentini is a prominent surgeon who is dedicated to utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to provide cosmetic surgery of the highest quality to patients in Hopkinsville, Fort Campbell and nearby areas. His patients report tremendous satisfaction with the amazing, natural-looking results they receive. Please contact Western Kentucky Institute of Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for post-bariatric cosmetic surgery.

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To learn more about cosmetic surgery after weight loss at our Hopkinsville practice, please contact the Western Kentucky Institute of Plastic Surgery today. We also serve patients from Fort Campbell and nearby areas.

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