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Body Contouring with Liposuction – Hopkinsville, Bowling Green, and Clarksville Area

Sometimes a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine alone do not allow us to achieve the smooth, sleek body contours we would like. Men and women who have stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise may be interested in liposuction at our Hopkinsville practice. Convenient to the Bowling Green, Clarksville , and Fort Campbell areas, our plastic surgery practice uses the most advanced liposuction techniques, including tumescent liposuction and LipoSelection®, to ensure outstanding results. In addition to achieving amazing transformations with liposuction, Dr. George R. Valentini offers tummy tuck surgery and a range of post-bariatric procedures, which allows him to address a wide variety of body concerns.

Candidates for Liposuction

Liposuction can be an effective way to rid oneself of stubborn deposits of fat. However, liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy weight loss plan and is usually not a suitable solution for patients who are more than 30 percent over their desired body weight. Dr. Valentini evaluates all interested individuals to determine whether they are suitable for liposuction at our Hopkinsville practice, which also serves Clarksville and Bowling Green-area residents. During the liposuction consultation, Dr. Valentini asks patients what they hope to achieve with liposuction and explains the benefits and risks of the procedure. Taking into account all of the patient's needs, Dr. Valentini develops an individualized liposuction treatment plan.

Tumescent Liposuction

The tumescent liposuction technique is a commonly performed form of liposuction that is popular because of its high level of safety. During the procedure, Dr. Valentini injects the tumescent solution, a mixture that contains lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine (a drug that causes the blood vessels to constrict), into the treatment site. This tumescent solution facilitates the removal of fat deposits and significantly reduces the risk of bleeding that is associated with traditional liposuction. Once this solution has done its work, Dr. Valentini removes the fat through small incisions by means of a long, thin metal suction tube.


We are also proud to offer LipoSelection® liposuction at our Clarksville-area practice.  LipoSelection® by Vaser® is a revolutionary technique designed to remove fat without causing as much trauma to the surrounding nerves and tissues. This results in less post-operative discomfort and faster healing.

When performing the Vaser® liposuction procedure at our Hopkinsville practice, Dr. Valentini injects a special solution into the treatment area. Then he uses a small probe that emits ultrasonic energy to break up the fat and make it easier to remove. Once broken up, the fat is suctioned out in much the same way as with other liposuction methods.

Interested in Smoother, More Defined Body Contours?

In order to meet our patients’ diverse needs, we offer both LipoSelection® and tumescent liposuction at our practice. Individuals in the Clarksville and Bowling Green areas who are interested in learning more about our high-quality liposuction procedures should contact our plastic surgery practice in Hopkinsville today.

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